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I want to lay in bed, with my arms wrapped around you and playing with your hair. Just staring at the ceiling of my room, listening to music but intently focusing on the rate of your heartbeat. My body would be happy because it’d feel your embrace, and my heart would be happy because you’d be mine.

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I wanna be cuddled right now and have my back rubbed until I fall asleep.


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My favorite part of kissing is when you are both just giving small kisses then all of a sudden they would bite your lip then shit gets real.

ugh and smiling in between every kiss 

and playfully biting and pulling their lips with your teeth between kisses.

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But you don’t understand. There is so much pain behind my eyes. I overthink everything. I constantly worry about failure. I never feel good enough for anything. I stand in the way of myself. And who could love someone like that?

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I wish I could be better, you know? Just kind of in every way. Better friend, better daughter, better sister, better athlete, better girlfriend, better looking, better student… I just want to be better than what I am.

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it probably seems like i cry over stupid shit but tbh i usually end up crying because i’ve stored up all of my upset feelings from multiple things rather than express them and then the littlest thing sets me off like spilling my drink may not be that big of a deal but when i’ve stored up that many negative emotions it feels like i busted a hole in the hoover dam

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